Wednesday, 27 May 2009

I've got an Award......

Hi Guys,

I've got up so happy this morning even if it is raining and miserable!!! Last night I went swimming with my friend and I was thinking "if I can manage 5 lengths of the pool then that'll be good" but no I kept going and she told me when we had finished 40 minutes later that i'd done 20 lengths - I was really chuffed with myself and hopefully it'll slowly but surely start to help me as I am starting to feel like my whole body is ceasing up. Then I came downstairs this morning and the lovely Jackie from Craft Designs has given me an award ........... Thank you Jackie and you have made me very happy.

Take Care All and Have a nice day.
Love Pam xx


Karen said...

Well done on the 20 lengths. Thats brilliant. CONGRTULATIONS on your award.

Love Karen xxx

Jackie said...

Oh bless you Pam, you are very welcome :o)
Just thinking about 20 lwngths tires me out completely, I can do 12 widths of Long Eaton swimming pool, but have to have 5 minutes rest in between each one :o)
Jackie xx

brenda said...

Well done on your awards and wanted to say love the elegance of your work.

B x