Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Hi - I'm Back!

Hiya All,

Sorry for not posting for a few days but life has been pretty hectic and then on Sunday morning somebody smashed the mirror off my car .....Grrrrrrr I look after things so well then other people just have to be so careless.

Last Saturday Viv and myself went to a new craft shop that has opened in Congleton and considering that Saturday was the first day for Debbie and Lindie they seemed to be doing really well - which is good news but I don't think they will struggle anyway as it's in the town centre so lots of passing trade (and no doubt ...... we'll be going quite often!)

I'm hoping that we have almost seen the last of the snow now we had another few inches last night but thankfully the sun has melted most of it away now.

Take Care Everybody,
Love Pam xx

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Andrea, said...

Sounds like you had a great day Pam and we are seeing the last of the snow now as well thank goodness. Next time you are passing call in and say hi, we have lots of new goodies in