Wednesday, 15 October 2008

A 'Lil Bit More from Me!!!

Hi All,

Well I really am trying to make a little bit more effort in updating my blog .... Viv from Crafting Haven has been helping so hopefully i'll remember how to do things now (but don't hold your breath!)

Anyway here are a few more cards to have a look at .... Many thanks to Michelle over at The Card Grotto for some more brilliant inspiration.

Take Care and I hope that everybody is starting to get into Christmas mode!!!

Love Pam xx


Viv said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence my great friend. Next job is to take some decent photos! LOL
The cards are absolutely stunning 'in the flesh'. I know, 'coz I've seen 'em! ;0)
Luv Viv xx

gina said...

gorgeous cards Pam, what would we do without Michelle and her inspiration :) just to let you know I was your secret sister, have pinched your picture for my blog today, Hope you don't mind.
Gina xxx

Andrea, said...

Oh these are beautiful Pam. I hope you are keeping well

Nikki said...

These cards are all great!

Jackie said...

Great cards Pam, every one a winner :o)
Love, Jackie xx

Tracey said...

Great cards Pam, love all of them.

Keep up coming