Friday, 11 April 2008

Recent Cards.....

Sorry that i've not posted much over the last week or so but the time has just gone no where especially having the kids off school.

I have been making some cards though but I still need to take photo's of them! I did forget to take pictures of two sent recently but luckily Sandra sent me an email back along with photo attachments so i've posted them on here now and hopefully i'll add the others later today.

I hope that everybody is ok and sending get well wishes to Michelle (Card Grotto)
Love Pam xx


Viv said...

I've seen these in the flesh and they are even MORE gorgeous than the photos show. Ooer, better go and see what ails Michelle!
Luv Viv xxx

gina said...

Great cards, love the elephant stamps and the layouts
Gina xx

Michelle said...

Great cards, I love the little elephant and bear so sweet! Aw, thank you so much Pam, that is really nice of you. My shoulder is a bit better today but still quite painfull, I had been putting lots of Nurofen gel on it xx

Tarasdesigns said...

lovely cards Pam, the bear is so cute

Tara x

Viv said...

I've given you an award Pam.
Luv Viv xxx