Tuesday 27 April 2010

I'm Back - As Promised

Hi Guys,

Well I thought i'd come on early and strike while the going's good! So sorry i've not been around much but the Dr has been altering my meds and at first it was horrendous being sick every few minutes but now we've got it sorted that I just feel sick which is better although not great but thank goodness the the new meds are helping the pain.

Anyway i'd better try and find a few cards to show you - So here goes!

Many thanks for all your kind messages while i've not been around much and hopefully things will soon be returning to normal.

Love Pam xx


issy said...

Hiya Pam, I love em all, especially the golfing one, just superb, and great colouring.


Unknown said...

I've seen these beauties in the flesh and they are even MORE gorgerus!!! Love 'em all me best bud!!! Viv xxx

Sue said...

All beautifull cards Luv Sue x

Tracy said...

Gorgeous cards Pam, love em all xxx

Jackie said...

Morning Pam, I can't believe that I didn't comment on these beauties. Theyare all supeb and were even better in the flesh.
Now, are you going to upload those gorgeous bauble cards of yours :o)
Jackie xx

pickle said...

Wow Pam you have been a busy little bee, every one as lovely as the next.

Sorry you are having a bad time at the mo with your health. Big hugs

Kerry x